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Biggest Addition yet
RDP Fulfillment is proud to announce the acquisition of its largest client to date. Due to privacy reasons the client may not be named. However, it is one of the largest companies in the Rewards Marketing and Promotions niche.

Contract Renewal
RDP and its major client have just signed a new 3 year contract that covers July 1st. 2012 to June 30th. 2015.Due to privacy reasons RDP is not allowed to divulge the client, however, the client is a major player in the rewards segment of promotions and marketing. In client's words: RDP Fulfilment Corporation has been the best of 4 suppliers we have had over the 20 years and their prices are also the most inexpensive. A combination that is unbeatable and the reasons we did not even consider going to an RFP. High praise indeed.

ISO 9001:2000 annual review is completed successfully.
RDP has been certified with the world wide quality standard ISO9001:2000. For the last 12 years this certification is audited every year by an independent auditor. It ensures rigid application of the internationally accepted quality systems are being applied. RDP's clients can rest assured that the quality of service is just as important as the price.

RDP to New Premises
RDP Fulfillment would like to announce its move from 1100 Squires Beach Road to its new premises at 1725 Mc Pherson Court in Pickering effective May 1st. 2007. The new building is 103,000 square feet of space for RDP and has room for growth. There are 11 dock doors and 2500 square feet of office space. RDP would like to thank all of its clients for their patience and understanding throughout the move which is expected to be a process of 3 weeks, the idea being not to disrupt production or close for even 1 day..

RDP to use MS SQL Server as a core database platform
The company is moving its application to the MS SQL Server database platform constantly pursuing better customer experience. This ensures RDP is at the forefront of technology so that the RDP brand is always new and exciting

Mission Statement

The huge growth experienced over the years has been primarily from referrals, a true endorsement of our Mission Statement.

To service our clients in the warehousing, assembly and distribution needs of their marketing and sales efforts. This must be achieved at the highest quality, knowledge, efficiency and competence as well as being cost competitive.