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RDP Fulfillment Inc. is a privately owned Canadian corporation and licensed through the Corporation Act of Ontario, Canada.

The business unit known as RDP Fulfillment Corporation is actually thirty-five years old. The current operation was purchased from Southam Communications in August 1988.

In the ensuing years, RDP has quadrupled sales and increased warehouse capacity from 23,000 sq. ft. to 150,000 sq. ft. The current staff consists of 12 office and 38 warehouse full-time permanent staff handling over 5 million pieces shipped annually.

RDP Fulfillment services a broad range of international clients from industry, banks, government, tourist boards, retailers and packaged goods companies, the majority of whom are on the Fortune 500 list. Most work is bilingual, some multi-lingual.

RDP is fully computerized in all its activities and provides clients varied software solutions tailored to their individual needs. RDP has a web based real-time secure online ordering and inventory control system that also produces a variety of reports specifically designed for each client’s requirements at the client centre.

Mission Statement

The huge growth experienced over the years has been primarily from referrals, a true endorsement of our Mission Statement.

To service our clients in the warehousing, assembly and distribution needs of their marketing and sales efforts. This must be achieved at the highest quality, knowledge, efficiency and competence as well as being cost competitive.